Terms of use

Booking process

Step 1: wemovo, through its distribution platform, shows the passenger or the sales partner, who acts on behalf of the passenger an available route (travel). This is a call for an offer (invitatio ad offerendum).

Step 2: The passenger or the sales partner can click on “Book” but this is not usually an obligatory offer to close the transport contract. The obligatory offer of the passenger is usually done when the passenger fills in all the necessary payment data and his payment is authorized.

Step 3: wemovo automatically verifies the seats capacity with the bus operator. If this verification is successful, it means there are available capacities (free seats), from this moment on wemovo is independently allowed to close the transport contract with the passenger on behalf of the Bus Operator.

Step 4: wemovo forwards the passenger to the payment gateway and the passenger insert the payment data, email address, etc. to receive the online ticket and finally clicks on “Buy”. From now on the passenger gives an obligatory offer to close the transport contract.

Step 5: wemovo accepts on behalf of the bus operator the transport contract by sending the booking confirmation by email and by the booking confirmation page.