wemovo’s solution

An open B2B platform for mobility operators to exchange complementary products and build door-to-door ecosystems around their product & brand

Benefits to Mobility Operators

  •  Extending core product to offer a full door-to-door product
  •  Better User Experience
  •  Cross-promotional opportunities

The end-user gets seamless door-to-door mobility that saves time and effort.

Our tech stack is built for scale

  •  Scalable technology built on open systems and a microservice-oriented architecture
  •  Big Data infrastructure for storing users’ behaviour and routes
  •  AI algorithms for deep analysis and forecasting using GPU-based instances
  •  Multi-layer caching system providing search response in 0.7 seconds (average)
  •  Support for 1.000+ transactions per minute

Our Product features

  •  Increasing bookable Inventory
    (integrated search+book+payment+ticketing)
  •  Journey planner + combination algorithm
  •  Single White Label or API
  •  Fulfillment

wemovo GmbH

Torstraße 177, 10115 Berlin